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Dental bridges are a way to restore one or more missing teeth in your mouth without painful surgery. Dr. Donia has extensive experience creating lifelike and durable bridges for his patients in Encino, CA.

Bridges Q & A

What Are Dental Bridges?

Dental bridges are a method to fill in the gap from one or more missing teeth. Dr. Donia creates false teeth that fit in the gap and then secures them in place using several crowns on each side of the gap, which creates a "bridge." Dental bridges are permanent and are cemented in place to ensure they do not slide or fall out.

Why Does a Person Need a Bridge?

Dental bridges are typically needed if you are missing one or more teeth. These teeth may have been lost due to dental trauma, extensive decay, gum disease, or a tooth extraction.

In these cases, dental bridges protect your bite as the remaining teeth tend to shift into the space to try to fill it. Additionally, they can help prevent gum disease and temporomandibular joint disorder which can be caused by a lack of teeth.

What Are the Types of Bridges?

There are three main types of bridges: traditional, cantilever and Maryland bonded. In most cases, the dentist performs a traditional bridge. This involves using a crown made of porcelain-fused-to-metal or ceramic on either side of the gap to anchor a tooth in the middle.

Cantilever bridges are required when there are only teeth remaining on one side of the gap. However, this technique is outdated because it puts too much stress on the supporting teeth.

Maryland bonded bridges do not involve the use of crowns. Instead, they are supported by metal or porcelain wings which are then permanently cemented to the surrounding teeth.

What Are the Benefits of Bridges?

Bridges can help you eat and speak without limitations. This also puts less stress on the other teeth in your mouth as you will be chewing normally. Additionally, they help to maintain the shape of your face and restore your beautiful smile.

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